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Common Sense Gun Control: Ban Democrats

President Crybaby loves to talk about “common-sense gun safety laws.” He wants you to think that everyday gun owners (and especially those militia guys occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon) are a significant threat to law and order in the United States.

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Reaction to Kurt Eichenwald, “Let’s Repeal the Second Amendment”

First of all, read Eichenwald’s column if you can stomach it: His thesis: “Almost 1,000 innocent Americans have been shot in the last 30 years in these bloodbaths.” So we need to repeal the Second Amendment.Let’s do a little “liberal

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David Baker’s Guide to What Gun People Believe

Much has been said about guns and gun laws in the United States since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The Obama administration is already accelerating its plans for tightening gun laws on a federal

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