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White Girls and N-words … Really?

I’m sure the administrators at Desert Vista High School didn’t expect to see their educational institution mentioned in the pages of the New York Times: PHOENIX — A suburban Phoenix school district is taking disciplinary action after a photo of

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Rahm, Racism, and the Other Chicago v. McDonald

If you don’t live in Chicago, you could be forgiven for not knowing much about the case of Laquan McDonald, the petty criminal who, in dying, may end up taking Rahm Emanuel’s political career with him. Rahm Who? Regardless of were

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Racist Idiots Demand More Racism! #BlackLivesMatter

Leftists are idiots. Let’s get that out of the way right from the start. And the absolute worst kind of leftist idiot is the coddled, self-absorbed, presumptuous, narcissistic, elitist leftist idiot with a God complex and delusions of adequacy. …But enough

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Mormons or Muslims – Who’s More Intolerant?

I happen to be a member of the only religious group in the history of the United States to have been “blessed” with an official government extermination order expressly encouraging citizens to kill and drive out members of my faith. Yup, I’m

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How It Should Have Ended—Criminal Edition

Many of you may be familiar with “How It Should Have Ended,” a YouTube channel that rewrites the endings of famous movies to resolve them in funnier (and usually, shorter) ways. For a while now, I’ve been taking note the reactions of

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