Knee-Jerk: Blame It on the Gun

So this happened.

At 11:40 p.m. last night in Philadelphia, a man named Edward Archer attempted to execute a Philadelphia police officer while he sat in his squad car. Wearing what investigators described as “Mulsim garb,” the 30-year-old ambushed Officer Jessie Hartnett, firing 13 rounds into his cruiser and hitting Officer Hartnett several times. Police managed to arrest the suspect shortly after the attack. According to police, after his arrest, Archer stated that he carried out his ambush “in the name of Islam.”

Totally predictable, right? Muslims are all told to kill for their religion, and they prefer easy, high-profile targets.

Here’s the funny (not funny “ha ha,” but sad funny) part. Brand new, wet-behind-the-ears Mayor Jim Kenney, liberal Democrat, immediately got in front of cameras to weigh in on the incident. Did he condemn Islam or jihadi violence? Nope … he blamed the gun:

“There are just too many guns on the streets and I think our national government needs to do something about that.”

Then he went on to emphasize that the attack was in no way related to “being a Muslim or the Islamic faith.”

Philly-Cop-AmbushLet that sink in for just a minute. Edward Archer specifically told police that his attack was “in the name of Islam.” He put on a shalwar kameez to make sure to get his point across. Is the mayor claiming to know more about how Muslims believe and think than actual, you know, Muslims?

If that weren’t enough, there’s more. Apparently, there are “too many guns on the streets” because the cops can’t keep track of their own firearms. According to Police Commissioner Richard Ross, the gun used by Archer in the attack had been stolen from Philadelphia Police back in 2013.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Officer Hartnett. And fingers crossed for Mayor Kenney to someday, somehow, somewhere, get a clue. I initially thought it might be a good idea if we offered to draw the mayor a picture, but of course, the drawing of pictures is forbidden in Islam. We wouldn’t want to prompt another attack.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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3 comments on “Knee-Jerk: Blame It on the Gun
  1. Al Pipkins says:

    An interesting change. A small town in GA mandated that all heads of households must possess a gun, and ammo.
    This is the easiest way for you to see what happened.
    Kennesaw is a city in Cobb County, Georgia, Google it and get the crime statistics since 2012. Notice the drastic change in 2013.

    • David says:

      I would never mandate gun ownership. If someone isn’t comfortable with guns, they shouldn’t be forced to have them. Liberty works both ways. But maybe that’s just my opinion.

      • Al Pipkins says:

        David, I have second thoughts about giving you my website. My thinking is that somewhere one of our customers is a democrat and very few of my salesmen are. I actually only know of one who is. So, only bad things, no good things can come from it being tied to my political beliefs. Would you please delete this bit of information for me? Thanks

        Now back on topic, Please GOOGLE this and read how many ways there is to not have a gun. If you don’t want it in the house, that’s ok, that is allowed by the rules. The really big effect of crime rate dropping so drastically was the knowledge that the people were not helpless. So probably what happened was that the criminal element moved to nearby Atlanta, or someplace. They left the town with the law. One bit of information that we don’t have is how the criminal votes. Are they all Democrats too? Notice that all the cities in the line up of high crimes are run by Democrats. That has to be relevant. Wouldn’t you think?