Common Sense Gun Control: Ban Democrats

President Crybaby loves to talk about “common-sense gun safety laws.” He wants you to think that everyday gun owners (and especially those militia guys occupying a wildlife refuge in Oregon) are a significant threat to law and order in the United States. But you know what’s the real threat to American lives?


Violent Crime in the United States

The most recent year with the most comprehensive crime statistics is 2011, so let’s use that for the sake of argument. According to FBI and National Institute of Justice statistics on violent crime, the overall violent crime rate during that year was 387 crimes per 100,000 people (387/100,000).

During 2011, there were 14,612 murders, 83,425 forcible rapes, 354,396 robberies and 751,131 aggravated assaults in the United States. FBI figures tell us that 68 percent of murders, 41 percent of robberies and 21 percent of aggravated assaults involve a firearm. Oddly enough, federal agencies don’t track gun use by rapists. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says “roughly a twelfth” of rapes involve an “armed assailant.” That would be 8.3 percent. If we estimate high and say two-thirds of those armed rapists used a gun rather than some other weapon, we end up with an adjusted percentage of 5.6 percent.

That gives us this:

Gun Crimes as a Percentage of Violent Crime
Crime All Crimes Gun % Gun Crimes
Murders 14,612 68.0% 9,936
Rapes 83,425 5.6% 4,672
Robberies 354,396 41.0% 145,302
Assaults 751,131 21.0% 157,738
Total 1,203,564 - 317,648

All of that goes to say that, in 2011, about 317,648 of the 1,203,564 violent crimes in the United States involved a firearm. That boils down to gun use in 26.4 percent of all violent crimes.

Violent Crime in “Militia Country”

First, let’s look at Harney County, Oregon, which is where “Occupy Malheur” is currently taking place. This is a rural area, with a reported population of 7,126 in an area of 10,226 square miles. According to RecordsPedia, Harney County saw a total of 1,018 total crimes (and 83 violent crimes) between 2001 and 2008. That averages out to 127 crimes, and 10 violent crimes, every single year. Oh, the humanity!

Taking population into consideration, Harney County has a violent crime rate of 140 per 100,000 people. This is much lower than the national average. If we consider the county’s 10 violent crimes per year and assume criminals there use guns at about the same rate they do elsewhere, we can assume that maybe two or three of those annual violent crimes involve a firearm.

The protesters occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have definitely broken some laws and probably done a small amount of damage in order to get into the building they’ve taken over. But according to all of the news reports I’ve read, they have not committed any violent crimes. So far, then, the “armed militia” members haven’t impacted the violent crime rate in Oregon at all.

Violent Crime in “Democrat Country”

You want to know where crime is really bad? In our big cities. According to a roundup on Law Street, these are the most dangerous cities in America:

Most Dangerous U.S. Cities, 2015
City State Violent Crime Rate Murder Rate
Detroit MI 2,072/100,000 45/100,000
Oakland CA 1,977/100,000 22/100,000
Memphis TN 1,656/100,000 19/100,000
St. Louis MO 1,594/100,000 38/100,000
Cleveland OH 1,478/100,000 14/100,000
Baltimore MD 1,401/100,000 37/100,000
Milwaukee WI 1,364/100,000 17/100,000
Birmingham AL 1,345/100,000 30/100,000
Newark NJ 1,264/100,000 40/100,000
Kansas City MO 1,260/100,000 21/100,000

Detroit’s violent crime rate is 5.4 percent times the national average, and a whopping 14.8 percent the violent crime rate in Harney County, Oregon.

Think of it this way. Detroit has a population of 699,889. Based on Detroit’s crime rate of 2,072 per 100,000, that totals 14,502 violent crimes—3,828 involving firearms—perpetrated against the people of Detroit every year. That’s a violent crime every 36 minutes. In contrast, Harney County has a violent crime about every 36 days.

So looking at the most violent cities, what do they have in common? Let’s think for just a minute…

Who Runs Our Most Dangerous Cities?
City State Mayor Party Elected %
Detroit MI Mike Duggan Democrat 55%
Oakland CA Libby Schaaf Democrat 63%
Memphis TN A. C. Wharton Democrat 63%
St. Louis MO Francis G. Slay Democrat 54%
Cleveland OH Frank G. Jackson Democrat 66%
Baltimore MD Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Democrat 87%
Milwaukee WI Tom Barrett Democrat 81%
Birmingham AL William A. Bell Democrat 54%
Newark NJ Ras J. Baraka Democrat 54%
Kansas City MO Sly James Independent 89%

(It’s worth pointing out that Sly James, the so-called “Independent” mayor of Kansas City, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Also, A.C. Wharton has been replaced as mayor of Memphis by Jim Strickland, also an Independent, as of January 1, 2016.)

Or, put another way:

Who Voted for Whom in 2012?
City State Voting for Obama
Detroit MI 98%
Oakland CA 79%
Memphis TN 63%
St. Louis MO 83%
Cleveland OH 88%
Baltimore MD 87%
Milwaukee WI 67%
Birmingham AL 53%
Newark NJ 77%
Kansas City MO 59%

Mr. President, Shut Up

So Democrats control the most crime-ridden cities in the country. The people there vote overwhelmingly Democrat. They elect Democrat leaders. And, according to a survey published in the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, about 70 percent of felons register (or identify) as Democrats.

And Obama thinks that the rest of us are the problem?

As Sultan Knish has pointed out, “America doesn’t have a gun problem, it has a Democrat problem.” So I’ll tell you what, President Crybaby … why don’t you figure out how to control your own people—you know … Democrats—and leave the rest of us the hell alone?

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