Jihad Denial – It’s Really a Thing

syed-farookTo the idiots who are saying, “Let’s wait and see what the real motive was—this could be just a simple case of workplace violence,” all I can say is that you’re delusional idiots. Please seek the help of competent medical professionals as soon as possible. Do it before you become a headline yourself.

Syed R. Farook and Tashfeen Malik, both devout Muslims who had recently visited the Middle East, dropped their 6-month-old daughter off with Farook’s mother yesterday morning, telling grandma that they had a doctor’s appointment. (Spoiler alert: they didn’t, really. They were planning a massacre.)

There have been reports that Farook attended a holiday party at the facility, leaving angry and coming back with his wife. (Remember: this is after the two made arrangements for their 6-month-old baby earlier that morning.) Wearing body armor and armed to the teeth, the husband and wife proceeded to murder 14 people and wound 21. This was the same group of people who, six months earlier, had thrown a baby shower for Farook and Malik.

Let’s work our way through the mindset that says, “This might not be Islamic terrorism.” Here are the things you have to believe in order to believe that lie.

First, you have to believe that a new mother of a 6-month-old baby just happened to be willing to accompany her husband on a spur-of-the-moment request to go settle some kind of workplace grudge? “Hi, honey, how’s your day going? Hey—if you’re not doing anything else, would you mind coming with me to shoot up some co-workers? Gee, thanks, babe!”


Second, you have to believe that this couple just happened to have a couple of AR-15s, a couple of handguns, 1,600 rounds of .223 ammunition loaded into magazines and two suits of body armor lying around … on the off chance that they might have to settle some workplace grudge? “Hi, honey, remember those guns we bought four years ago from a straw seller? Turns out that, in some totally random way, they might just come in handy today!”


Third, you have to believe Farook and Malik just happened to have multiple rigged-together pipe bombs with remote-detonation devices … just lying around their house. You know—just in case they ever needed them. Because as you know, lots of people do that kind of thing for fun. “Hey honey, remember those bombs we built on family night? As it turns out, we can actually put them to good use!”

Is that your final answer?

In a great post this morning, super-smart guy and best-selling novelist Larry Correia said, “If you think three coordinated, body armor wearing, bomb building, planned in advance, Go-Pro wearing, shooters just suddenly sprung into existence as “workplace violence” because of an argument at a Christmas party, you’re smoking crack.”

I’ll take it a step farther. If you believe these things, you need to check yourself in to a mental facility. You’re delusional, and need some help.

This was an act of war. Our government will tell you that we’re not currently at war with any country. However, any sane person already understands that radical Islam is at war with us. It’s at war with America, with Western Civilization, with Christianity and with the freedom. The sooner you get your head out of the ground, or out of your ass, the sooner you’ll understand this crucial fact.

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3 comments on “Jihad Denial – It’s Really a Thing
  1. Al Pipkins says:

    David, we are all beginning to think alike. I think you would enjoy Fred. I have been reading him for a few years now. Makes lots of sense.
    For the latest Fred, click on

    He sent this one today, or yesterday.
    Fred is almost as old as I am. We grew up before Political Correctness.

    Al Pipkins.

    • David says:

      Oh, I love Fred! I’ve been reading his rants for years. Fred pulls no punches and mocks sacred cows. Hadn’t seen this one yet, so thanks for posting the link!

  2. Al Pipkins says:

    The number was too dim to see. May not work, I sent it again.