Anti-Gun Hysteria from the Jackasses at D-TRIPLE-C

A while back, I signed up for something with my Gmail account and ended up on the mailing list of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). I never have unsubscribed because it’s really fun to check in with those jackasses from time to time and see what they’re whining about this time.

I checked last night and the ranting and raving was in high gear. “Obamacare REPEALED!” “Obamacare WRECKED!” “Republicans GLOATING!” “Obama is FURIOUS!” In spite of all the pathetic whinging I cracked a smile and thought, Yay. Anything that makes Obama FURIOUS is gonna have to be good for the country, right?

Sign the PETITION!

Here’s a hysterical email I got, with the true-to-pattern subject line “gun control BLOCKED,” on Wednesday, December 2, at 9:40 a.m.:


WTF, PEOPLE! Those evil Republicans stubbornly continue to cling to their evil assault weapons and sub-atomic Glocks with assault ammunition, no matter how many lies we tell about them! What is wrong with you people?!

But the Terrorist Watch List! OMG!

The terrorist watch list is a great big joke. In fact, it’s worse than a joke. It’s a blatantly unconstitutional tool of statists that hasn’t foiled a single terror attack. Everyone knows this. The Democrats know this. But they don’t care.

In a perfect example of locking the barn door after the cows had already escaped, the list was created well after 9/11 to track potential terrorists. But problems quickly arose because the list its procedures were so poorly designed.

CNN reported that an active commercial airline pilot, a former assistant attorney general from the Clinton administration and a suburban third-grader had been mistakenly added to the list. HuffPo mentioned a four-year-old boy who was prevented from boarding a plane because somehow he’d made it onto the list. Apparently Nelson Mandela was on the list as of 2008, in spite of being dead. Stephen Hayes, a columnist for the Weekly Standard, has apparently also been flagged and put on the list. TSA agents have been found to be on the list.

Guess who wasn’t on the list? The Tsarnaev brothers, for starters. You can add Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook to the roster of people who should have been on the list, but weren’t.

A joke.

Due Process, Schmoo Schmocess

Statists like the breathless wrist-floppers in the DCCC would just love to be able to take away your Second-Amendment rights at will, for no reason at all. That’s a given. Of course, the Fifth Amendment says to that government can’t take away a person’s “life, liberty or property without due process of law.” And the big problem withe the US Terrorist Watch List is that it does just that.

A person can be added to the list for any reason or for no reason at all. The government doesn’t have to let a person know that he or she is on the list. If a person is on the list, the government doesn’t have to tell that person why. If a person asks to be removed from the list, the government doesn’t have to do so. If the government decides to remove a person from the list, it doesn’t have to tell the person, either.

So this is what the Democrats and the DCCC wanted to happen. They proposed a bill that would prohibit anyone on the US Terrorist Watch List from purchasing a gun. (Or at least, from purchasing a gun from a federally licensed firearms dealer.) The idea was to prevent people like the Tsarnaev and Farook and Malik from buying guns from licensed dealers.

But guess what? The San Bernadino killers bought their guns through an illegal straw purchase. The Tsarnaev brothers managed to get their hands on one gun legally, and then murdered a police officer to get another one. In case you missed it, that’s already against the law. And none of those terrorists were on the Terrorist Watch List anyway, in spite of plenty of behavior that should have sent up red flags with the intelligence community.

A joke.

But Nobody Would Ever Abuse that List!

But does anyone see a potential for abusing a secret list with slipshod rules managed by unaccountable executive-branch bureaucrats? If you’ve been paying attention to the ways in which the Obama administration has misused its authority, you’ll see the problem immediately. Obama weaponized the IRS, the BLM, and other agencies against citizens. It gave guns to drug cartels in a ploy to take guns away from citizens. It claimed executive privilege to circumvent laws. It dropped slam-dunk criminal cases on racial lines, and fanned the flames of racial hatred for political purposes.

What’s the keep Obama (or some future administration) from adding the entire membership rolls of the NRA to the US Terrorist Watch List? Or from monitoring blogs and social media for anyone posting a picture of a gun, and adding everyone with that name to the list? Think that couldn’t happen? Homeland security has already announced its focus on “homegrown right-wing terrorism” … all the while allowing Islamic terror to thrive. Especially in today’s political environment, we simply can’t allow the federal government to wield that kind of power with no watchdogs and no recourse.

No joke.

Three Hours and Twenty Minutes Later

Less than three and a half hours from the moment I received the DCCC’s hysterical message, Farook and Malik began murdering innocent people at a Christmas party in San Bernadino. Unconstrained by California’s laws against straw purchases of firearms, against building bombs, against taking guns into “gun-free zones,” against conspiracy to commit terrorism, and against murder, the radicalized husband and wife were able to shoot people in cold blood without interference.

Barbara Boxer, the brain-dead leftist senator from California, came right out and said, “It isn’t enough for us to keep lamenting these tragedies,” she said. “We need to take action now before something else like this happens again.”

To someone like Boxer—and to an organization like the DCCC—”taking action” means pushing through more laws that will take away rights from law-abiding citizens without preventing any future acts of terror. Boxer, Obama, the DCCC will continue to lie to the American public about the laws they want to pass and the goals of those laws. Luckily, most of us will continue to see through their blatantly unconstitutional actions.

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