How to Achieve World Peace: Two Equally Repugnant Options

Liberals are idiots. We know that. Our world is burning with Islamic violence and all they can talk about is the climate change. The really idiotic ones say that climate change is the cause of the Islamic violence. But besides the run-of-the-mill regular liberal idiots, I often encounter also ignorant liberal idiots, and those are the worst kind.

Facebook Shenanigans

My sister recently posted the following bit of first-world angst regarding the proper Facebook response to the murder of 129 Parisians by three coordinated teams of scumbag Islamic terrorists:

I’m torn between a) wanting to support France with the cool tricolor face thing and b) not wanting to be a “joiner”.

If I’d been one of the first to do it–awesome. But now I feel I’d just be buckling to peer pressure, and that’d be lame.

Choices, choices.

Several of my sister’s friends posted various responses, pro and con. One of her Facebook “buddies,” who I know from previous interactions to be a moronic leftist tool (redundant, I know), posted this:

Leftist Tool – If you see someone doing something and it’s a good idea then why not?
Or if, the next time you hear fireworks and see people running away, will you be a joiner and live or not, and be shot too?

My response was … well, it’s typical me:

David Baker – Sometimes it’s okay to follow the crowd if the crowd is right. It happens … rarely, but it happens.

And the next time you hear fireworks and see people running away, you should find cover and return fire. That’s the American thing to do (though, apparently, not the French thing to do).

My awesome sister, who is just solid common sense to her core, responded in a way that’s typically her:

Sharon Baker Elsberry – I was going to say–I live in an open carry state and I’m a fairly good shot. My guess is that someone (not me) would end up with a boo-boo. Taking pot-shots at me isn’t good for your health.

Of course, the moronic Leftist Tool had to post a holier-than-thou rejoinder to my comment. He happens to be from Great Britain, so he thinks unarmed cops are just as good an idea as unarmed citizens. Not incidentally, he hates the NRA, and knows nothing about actual crime statistics:

Leftist Tool – “find cover and return fire”. Great if you happen to be carrying a weapon. The USA is the only western country that allows people to just wander around toting guns, and accepts a correspondingly high death rate from people using them when they shouldn’t. Whether this is a good thing is up for debate – between the NRA and the parents of the dead, for example. However, please don’t lets get into that argument on this thread! Just let’s not disparage the people of Paris either.

Actually, you condescending socialist prick, “find cover and return fire” is the correct response for legally armed people legally carrying a weapon in a free society. In the face of any kind of evil—whether it happens to be a team of well-armed Islamists or a lone, crazed Obama voter (such as Nidal Hasan, Aaron Alexis, James Holmes, to name a few)—free men in a free society have both the right and duty to fight back.

In the words of best-selling novelist and super-smart guy Larry Correia:

The best way to stop a mass shooter is an immediate violent response. At best, you drop them before they can hurt too many people. At worst, congratulations you were a distraction, but even distractions can save lives or derail plans.

Running is great. I’ll never fault somebody who chooses to run or hide when bad things happen. Every one of us has a different level of training, knowledge, and commitment, and what is the right answer for you, isn’t the right answer for your grandma. If you are the kind of person to get involved, you need to have a clue. However, since the only constant of gunfights is that they suck for somebody, you can do everything right and still die. On the bright side you at least bought everybody else some time.

Disarming the Law-Abiding

Just so we all understand the stakes, let’s present Exhibit A:

Paris Attack - Exhibit A

OK, Leftist Tool, please take a look at Exhibit A. Take a goodlonglook.

Those are real people, you maggot. Those people had rights. They had futures. They had names and they had families. And those people weren’t just killed by bullets—oh no. They were also killed by an ideology—fundamentalist Islam. They were killed by evil men who espoused this evil ideology, and they were killed by illegal guns that (by the laws of France and Paris) these evil men shouldn’t have been allowed to possess.

So tell me, Leftist Tool, is it considered “disparaging” to the people of Paris to suggest that every one of those people should have at least had the option of possessing and carrying a weapon to protect themselves from evil terrorists who don’t care whether they live or die, as long as they commit murder in the name of Allah?

The people of Paris had police, but the police couldn’t protect them. They had laws against automatic weapons. Surprise, surprise! Criminals don’t obey laws. They have borders (kind of), but those borders didn’t help either. These people are dead in spite of living in a perfect liberal-progressive utopia lovingly constructed by their socialist minders in order to keep them safe.

Give me America with all its messiness, where at least I have a fighting chance.

Kumbayah, Mother-effer

Going back to Facebook, I had to laugh out loud at another of my sister’s moronic friends, who posted the following comment:

Rainbow Dash – How bout world peace instead?


I kid you not. Rainbow Dash (not her real name) actually posted that.

Well, listen up, you ignorant progressive fucktard. Islam has about a billion followers around the planet. Of those billion or so people, some percentage of them believe in practicing their religion as it was originally designed. The percentage varies depending on who you ask, but everyone agrees we’re dealing with many millions of fundamentalist brutes who believe the “literal word of Allah.” In other words, they actually believe they are morally obligated to kill Christians and Jews, force conversions by the sword, behead Muslims not sufficiently pious for them, subjugate women, lynch gays, and spread the medieval laws of Muhammad around the world. That’s what we’re dealing with, whether you like it or not.

This isn’t a theoretical thing, like a corporate mission statement. And it’s not something they believe will happen organically, like the “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess” that you hear about in Christianity. No … these savages actually think their God and their “prophet” (pox be upon him) expect them to bring to pass the Islamic Apocalypse.

So, Rainbow Dash, here’s a harsh dose of reality. There are only two possible paths for world peace. Just two. Get your notepad ready, because I’m going to spell them out for you:

  • Option A: Wipe Islam utterly off the face of the earth. Kill every Muslim man, woman and child. Destroy every copy of the Qur’an, plus the hadith and the ahadith. Bomb Mecca and Medina until not a single mud brick rests on top of another mud brick. Destroy the Qubbat As-Sakhrah in Jerusalem and every other Muslim holy site and building. Expunge the names of Allah and Muhammad from every memory and every book in the world.
  • Option B: Convert the entire world to Islam. Kill those who won’t convert. Murder those who apostatize.

How’s that sound, Rainbow? Which one would you prefer, A or B? Believe it or not, Option A is the less bloody option, because trust me, Option B is not going to come about easily—no matter how many liberal halfwits like you capitulate just to get along. But Option B is what these bloodthirsty barbarians are trying to accomplish. This is what Paris was all about. It’s also what 9/11 was about. It’s what the thousands (yes, thousands) of terror attacks over the past several decades have been about.

Naturally, the civilized nations of the world have no appetite for Option A. Sure, France is bombing the shit out of ISIS in Syria right now while President Obama is leading from behind from his battle station at the golf course. But no Western nation would even consider genocide on this scale—even if it’s the only possible path to peace in the world. Why? Because we’re not a seventh-century death cult. We’re civilized.

And so, Rainbow Dash, how about you stop spouting sparkleberry-scented platitudes about world peace and think of something positive you can do to resist the tidal surge of Islamic extremism? Because that’s all we can do, really … hold back the tide. We can’t make it go away. We haven’t the fortitude.

Postscript to Leftist Tool

Leftist Tool, I know you wet yourself at the very mention of a firearm. You’re British, so of course you’re still traumatized by the Dunblane Massacre, the 1996 school shooting during which an unhinged young man walked into a primary school in Scotland and killed 16 children and a teacher before turning the gun on himself. That kind of thing happens more often in America—not because we’re more violent, but because we’re a much bigger country.

(Just a reminder: if England joined its former colony as the 51st state, it would be just the 12th largest state in the union, after Michigan. It would also be the 49th poorest state, behind Alabama and before Mississippi. So STFU about your once-mighty empire, you smug bastard.)

I’m sure you applauded along with many others when your foolish Parliament passed the Firearms Act of 1997, effectively banning almost all privately owned guns in the UK. Of course, thanks to the stupid move of banning guns, you now have the following to brag about (stats courtesy of the Daily Mail):

  • The second highest crime rate in the European Union.
  • A higher homicide rate than most European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • The fifth highest robbery rate in the European Union.
  • The fourth highest burglary rate and the highest absolute number of burglaries in the EU.

And here’s where we really get to poke our finger in your limey eye. According to the official crime reporting, UK “enjoys” a crime rate of 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 people. (The nearest EU country to the UK is Austria, with a rate of 1,677.) How does that compare to us violent cowboys here in North America?

Our rate is 466 crimes per 100,000 residents. (And Canada’s is higher, at 935 per 100,000.) In places like Plano, Texas, where every darned citizen is packing heat, the crime rate is 165 per 100,000. Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

So please, Leftist Tool, stop lecturing us on how wonderful your gun control schemes are. I already posted this on Facebook for your reading pleasure, but here it is for everyone to enjoy:


1775 – I say, chaps … no fair letting those cheeky colonist tossers have muskets. Let’s take them all away, starting in Lexington and Concord!

1784 – You American wankers can keep your bloody guns, and your bloody “states” to boot. Who needs you blokes? Pip pip!

1812 – Those poncey yanks can’t run a skiving country. Let’s take it back! What do you say, mates?

1815 – War was a damp squib. What a cock up … those sodding colonists still have their bloody guns! We’re skiving off….

1914 – Say, the Kaiser’s giving us a spot of bother this side of the puddle. Any chance you blokes still have any of those guns you’re so fond of?

1918 – Thanks, mates!

1942 – This Hitler chap’s got us snookered and good. Europe’s a total cock up. We’d be chuffed to bits if you’d come back over and lend a hand. Bring lots of guns!

1945 – Thanks, mates!

1997 – Hey yanks—come on in … the water’s fine! Gun bans are the dog’s bullocks!

2009 – No fair calling the UK “the most violent country in Europe”! Sure, the Firearms Act was a right bodge job, but we don’t give a toss about the rising bloody crime rate.

2012 – You yankee cowboys and your guns give us Brits the collywobbles. P.S. Piers Morgan is a right rock star!

2014 – Oy! Keep that gobby twit Piers Morgan on your side of the pond, will ya?

2020 – Bloody ponce ragheads have overrun Old Blighty, and aren’t we cheesed off about that? Any chance you American chaps could fetch up some guns and come put in a spade? Promise we’ll stop whinging on about gun control….

Yes, the last entry may be premature. But give it a couple of years. You’ll be asking for us to save your sorry British butts soon enough.

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    Love it David! You are cat’s meow when it comes to writing. Glad to be related to you. Keep it up, and saying it the way it is!

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