Month: October 2015

How to Make Spam Musubi — The Ultimate Comfort Food

Spam musubi is comfort food in Hawaii. You can pick one up at your local gas station, or make a batch to take to the high school football game. It’s a perfect combination of the sweetness of the katsu sauce,

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Post-Impressionist All-Stars (The Bizarre Nexus of Painting and Podiatry)

Post-Impressionist All-Stars - 2015

I’ve been painting shoes since high school. Yeah, weird. I know. It all started as kind of an accident. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had these old blue Vans that were all stained and gross from marching

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How It Should Have Ended—Criminal Edition

Many of you may be familiar with “How It Should Have Ended,” a YouTube channel that rewrites the endings of famous movies to resolve them in funnier (and usually, shorter) ways. For a while now, I’ve been taking note the reactions of

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