Month: September 2015

Love Your Enemies?

A friend of mine recently posted the meme above on Facebook, and I thought this was a topic worth discussing. The image refers, of course, to the Sermon on the Mount, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew (chapters 5-7). Here is the

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Building a Cave of Wonders for Aladdin Jr.

Our family recently had a chance to contribute to a production of Aladdin Jr. put on by Cedar City Children’s Musical Theater. My wife was the musical director and all three of my teenagers were in lead roles. After I kinda

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Casting Has Consequences

Auditions and Casting

My wife and I have been involved in theater for much of our lives. We have directed shows, served as assistant and musical directors as well as stage managers. I’m actually a published, award-winning playwright (though that happened long ago). Both

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