Month: July 2015

Hating on Hunters

So the political left is still reveling in its Two Minutes Hate in behalf of Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who killed a lion in Africa and now finds himself in the crosshairs of every kook and crazy from Berkeley to

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Pronouns and Curb Stomping and All That Jazz

So the TLC cable network has a new show called “I Am Jazz.” The program follows the brave exploits of Jazz Jennings, a biological boy who “identifies” as a girl. Currently in junior high school, Jazz lives as a girl, dresses like

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Playing “Catch and Release” with Criminal Illegal Aliens

One of the reasons the Obama administration keeps giving us for not enforcing our country’s immigration laws is that we shouldn’t punish people whose only illegal act was entering our country looking for a better life. Of course that’s crap,

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