South-of-the-Border Axis of Evil

Hezbollah Suicide BombersThe novel I’m currently writing connects the problem if Islamic terrorism with border security. It explores how radical Islamofacists could exploit Mexican drug- and human-smuggling routes to attack Americans in border states.

Sound far-fetched?

Not according to the compelling evidence that Mexican drug cartels are already actively working with terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.

According to a recent indictment in US court:

Ayman Joumaa, 47, was accused in absentia of conspiring to smuggle over 90,000 tons of cocaine into America and laundering over $250 million for the cartels.

… The indictment asserts that Joumaa made millions through his money-laundering operation, receiving between an 8- and 14-percent cut for his services.

… Joumaa is also “known to Israeli intelligence”, having allegedly been in contact with a member of Hezbollah’s elite 1,800 Unit that coordinates attacks against Israeli targets, and who, in turn, “worked for a senior operative who the Israelis believed handled Hezbollah’s drug operations.”

This certainly contradicts the Obama administration’s laughable stance that the US-Mexico border is “more secure than ever.” On one hand, it gives me lots to work with as I write my novel. But on the other hand, it makes me even angrier at our federal government for refusing to do what’s necessary to protect American citizens from the growing violence that is spilling across the border.

And, of course, it disgusts me that the Obama justice department has sued my own state for trying to do the job that the feds refuse to do.

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