Month: December 2011

Noisy Neighbors

It’s 12:20 a.m., and either Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on whether you’re a “glass is half empty” or “glass is half full” kind of person. And my neighbors are having a party. Ordinarily that’s not an issue, because

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Getting Over the Hump

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for my novel in progress, though I have made considerable progress in working to finish up my other writing project. However, it felt great to see that I have just passed the 60,000-word

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Writing in Restaurants

In his book Writing in Restaurants, playwright and screenwriter David Mamet mused: In a restaurant, one is both observed and unobserved. Joy and sorrow can be displayed and observed “unwittingly,” the writer scowling naively and the diners wondering, What the

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Tools of the Trade

Way back in high school, when I started writing seriously, I began carrying a notebook and pen with me everywhere I went. I would jot down random ideas as they came to me, recording story ideas, character sketches and odd

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Bias Much? ‘English Embassy’ Edition

I love the OFM — they show their bias every single time they open their ink-stained pie-holes. The latest is a wonderful example. Obama flubs a line about the “English Embassy” in Tehran, and Michelle Bachmann makes a similar flub

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