Bias Much? ‘English Embassy’ Edition

I love the OFM — they show their bias every single time they open their ink-stained pie-holes. The latest is a wonderful example. Obama flubs a line about the “English Embassy” in Tehran, and Michelle Bachmann makes a similar flub about the same incident. ABC’s “reportage” on Bachmann gleefully pounces on her “Oops Moment” while its coverage of Obama pushes his deep concern with nary a word about his own flub. Obama-Fellating Media, indeed.

Here are the two articles:

If you really want to know who the true master of the “oops moment” is, just ask Google:

Google's Suggestions for a Search on "Joe Biden"And then there’s this:Google's Suggestions for a Search on "Biden"As the election season continues to heat up, watch for ABC and its unindicted co-conspirators to continue to paint conservatives as gaffe-prone know-nothings while propping up Alinsky-ite empty suit Obama and gaffe-master-general Joe Biden as renaissance men, citizen statesmen and true intellectuals. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny

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